Based on its strategic core value as an alternative currency of the future, TERRA COIN provides various contents offered by global financial experts.

Cryptocurrency Global News

Cryptocurrency over Japanese Yen

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun report. At the first half of 2016, Cryptocurrency transactions in Japan to reached recording high of 430 billion

BOE to focus on Crypto currency

When The Bank of England (BOE) integrate Cryptocurrency as financial system. It could provide secure and lower cost of transaction.

Central Bank of Canada Crypto Currency issue

The Central Bank of Canada announced their research effort for ‘Blockchain technology‘ as applicable methodology

Features of Terra Coin

Terra Coin as world wide financial platform

Low cost & Quick

Conveniently use anywhere in the world use without fees and waiting time by not going trough third party such as financial institution

Anonymity & transparency

Open ledger method likes Bitcoin brings Rationality, transparency, and perpetual assurance of anonymous transactions.

Supply and Demand based Investment

Due to fixed mineable quantity fluctuations are free from inflation. As time goes by, coin maintains the base price, and coin prices will rise as demand increases.

Excellent compatibility as Global currency

Terra Coin is proper global currencies for global financial platform that fits variety of systems and applications.

What is Terra Coin?

New encrypted currency

TERRA COIN is a digitally created currency and it is based on an advanced mathematical algorithm.

TERRA COIN exchange

The trader can create a market through the coin exchange and mine coins and share profits.

Transparent transactions

TERRA COIN is openly traded through an exchange.

Fair plan

It is a high profit structure, but has a fair compensation plan.